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Thread: Welcome to the MAXDEPTH Forum!! (03/28/14)

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    Welcome to the MAXDEPTH Forum!! (03/28/14)

    Welcome to the MAXDEPTH Community! Please feel free to sign up and contribute to the conversation. In this forum we will have general discussion, WIP/Reel critique and discussion, challenges and much more!

    Welcome to the MAXDEPTH Community, we look forward to interacting with you.
    Timothy Hanson
    Founder / Admin

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    Hey, great site. Just watched the Mari video (been a fan of your linear workflow video previously!) and while it's great, I'm left wanting more!

    Any inside info on your plans for the site? Seems to be all about quality over quantity for sure which is nice!

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    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the kind words! As for plans I am definitely trying to put out videos at least once every few weeks, but I recently started a new job as a CG Supervisor at Bad Robot in LA so my free time has taken a hit as you can imagine. We do have our first challenge lined up for the end of the month, and we are happy to have Julian Sarmiento VFX Supervisor for Pacific Rim, and Carlos Fuyeo Lead Generalist at Blur as judges. More details will be announced soon, but there will be a $1,000 cash prize or the winner! Exciting stuff! Thanks for stopping by.

    Timothy Hanson
    Founder / Admin

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    I just watched your alembic video and noticed your rendering was quite fast - was it sped up - whats your system specs? cheers

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